Please see our comprehensive list of popular questions and answers.


Will my order ship if I do not confirm it?

All orders require customers' confirmation once they're placed. To make sure all order details are correct, an Order Confirmation email will be sent to your email as soon as we start processing your order. Failing or refusing to do so will result in order cancellation and payment refund (3.4% payment processing fee will apply).

Do you ship without a contact number?

A reachable contact number is required by FedEx/UPS/DHL and asked for every order. Items are not shipped without a valid contact number as the carriers require it.

I just placed my order. Can I have my Tracking ID?

Tracking IDs are automatically generated by the shipping carriers (e.g. FedEx/UPS/DHL) only when orders are shipped. Unfortunately, we're not capable of giving tracking IDs before orders are shipped, simply because we don't have them yet. SHOP-UV will confirm the shipping and provide your tracking ID once your order is shipped.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship anywhere in the US, Canada, Europe, Central or Latin America, Middle East, India, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Africa. If your country or region is not listed, please contact us.

Do you offer free shipping?

Unfortunately, no. International shipping costs have increased considerably due to limited transportation and cargo situation. That makes us unable to offer free shipping as we would like to.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes, Post Offices or Mail Boxes?

Unfortunately, no. Orders can only be shipped to residential or commercial addresses. Also, the customer's direct signature will be required upon delivery.

How much is the shipping?

Shipping costs depend on the shipping method you choose during checkout, product size, weight, and quantity of items. Different shipping/delivery locations and their fees (by FedEx/UPS/DHL) will be automatically calculated and displayed during checkout.

How long does it take to arrive?

Most items ship in 7 working days after orders are placed and confirmed by email. Please refer to the page of the product you're purchasing to know how many days will take to ship your order. If your order combines products that ship in 7 working days and other(s) that ship faster, the order will ship in 7 working days.

If a specific product or order is scheduled to ship in 7 working days, we will not be able to rush or speed up the shipping date since the purchased items may not be in stock and need to be ordered from our suppliers.

After orders are shipped, additional carrier delivery time depends on country and other factors that cannot be controlled. To know how long it will take for your order to be delivered, please refer to the time estimation shown when you checkout (Shipping Method). All orders are securely shipped via Fedex, UPS or DHL, and they require the receiver's signature upon delivery.

Will my products ship separately?

We ship all items together. If some of the products you purchase are available for immediate shipping, but some others require warehouse or supplier logistics, which can take between 5 to 14 days depending on the product (please read the product page for more information), your order will be shipped together when all items become available for a single packaging. In other words, if a product is available to be shipped early, but the other can only be shipped in 5 days, both products will be packed and shipped when the second one arrives from a different warehouse. In most cases, products are shipped earlier the shipping time described in the product page.

My country has import taxes. Are they paid by SHOP-UV?

Shipping fees do not cover eventual customs, VAT or remote area charges that our shipping providers might apply directly to customers. Some countries tax imported goods, which requires the recipient to pay additional charges before the product is delivered. It's the customer's sole and own responsibility to clear all customs procedures and pay any local import taxes or additional charges. If you're not sure if your products will be delivered without additional taxes by your local regulations, please contact your local Customs department or post office.

Where do you ship from / where are the products located?

In most cases, our products ship from Mainland China and Hong Kong depending on stock and availability in our warehouses.


I'm using a VPN and my payment is being declined?

Payment attempts using VPNs (or similar IP cloaking services) are considered high-risk by payment providers. Due to risk assessment policies, payment attempts are automatically blocked if VPNs (or similar IP cloaking services) are detected.

Is this website secure?

All transactions are powered and processed by industry-leading payments provider, Stripe, Inc.

Which payment methods can I use?

You can use any of these payment methods: Visa, Master, Amex and Apple Pay. All payments are made through secure SSL-encrypted checkout. Please read more in our Terms & Conditions.

Can I return a product?

Unfortunately we don't allow product returns or refunds after orders are shipped. Please read more in our Terms & Conditions page. You're welcome to contact us if you have any questions before you decide to purchase any product.


Which power plug will I receive?

All products ship with Type A power plug standard used in countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, among others. If your country uses a different standard, you will need to use a plug adapter in order to use the product you purchase with us.

What type of products do you sell?

We sell premium and high quality products from very well-known brands. The products we sell range from UVC boxes and wands to desktop lamps and vacuum robots. All products are carefully curated and tested before we decide to introduce them to our customers as we believe it's imperative to know and deeply understand what you sell to others.

Are the products original items?

We only sell original products purchased directly from manufacturers or authorized suppliers. All items are original and shipped in their original packaging. Please notice that -all orders- are meticulously packed using continuous high-definition (HD) video recording in order to register the originality and perfect (new) condition of all items. Video proof is adopted in order to protect both our customers and (us) SHOP-UV.

What happens is my item is defective?

If the item you've purchased is defective due to manufacturing problems, we will ask a carrier to collect the defective item. You'll be entitled to either a refund or a replacement unit (shipping fees not included) after a the defective item is collected and returned to us.

What happens if I look or stare at my UVC Lamp?

You should never look, stare or expose your body to UVC light from a lamp. Staring or briefly looking at a UVC lamp can damage your eyes and result in temporary blindness. When using a UVC lamp, make sure nobody, especially children, will get close or enter the area where the lamp is being used.

Is it safe to look at my UVC Lamp through a glass or window?

Standard window glass, according to the International Ultraviolet Association, allows UV-A to pass through while almost 100% of the UV-B and UVC light is blocked. In other words, while it can be safe to stare at a UVC lamp through a glass or window, it's not recommended to do so.

Is it safe to use UVC to sterilize fruits, vegetables, and food packagings?

UVC sterilization does not replace washing things with water, which can remove chemicals that may be present on the surface of things, but it's 100% safe to use UVC wands, boxes or lamps to sterilize vegetables, fruits, food packaging, cans, bottles, and food in general. UVC does not damage or modify the food you're eating. It completely kills all viruses and bacteria that may be present in it. It's very common for supermarkets and food shops to have ultraviolet light placed inside meat refrigerators. That being said, it's also important to wash your food, packagings and vegetables before you eat or sterilize them with UVC.

Are UVC Wands safe to use?

It depends. You must very careful when handling a UVC wand. While most products have movement sensors that detects the angle and direction you're using them, you should never look directly at the source of light generated by them. If possible, you should use googles that block UVC light and protect your skin from the light created by the wand.

Are UVC Boxes/Cases safe to use?

UVC boxes or cases are 100% safe to use. Ultraviolet light generated by these products is only activated when the box or case is closed. UVC light automatically stops when you open it, even if very briefly.