Toilet/ Mi Toothbrush Sterilizer

Toothbrush UV-C Sanitizer Case

Product Description

This Portable Toothbrush UV-C Sanitizing Case can be carried in your bag or backpack, keeping your toothbrush germs free for long periods of time, even if you don't use it for long periods.

It uses UVC light to effectively sanitize your toothbrush in 7 minutes. The operation is automatic: simply close the case and it starts working.

Besides the replaceable battery, you can also use USB to power the case, making it the perfect companion at home, in the office or during travels.

UV-C technology has been professionally used in the sterilization of medical appliances, food and water since the mid-20th century by effectively destroying viruses DNA & RNA. It is widely used in medical environment due to its high disinfection rate.
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Key Features

  • 99.9% Sterilization Rate
  • Sanitizes in 7 Min
  • Built-in Mirror
  • Battery Powered
  • Portable
  • USB Charging


Type Portable Toothbrush Sterilization Case
Application Area Sterilization of Toothbrush
Operation Automatic
Cleaning Application (99.9%) Germs, Fungi, Bacteria, etc.
Sterilization Method UVC Light
Size 224 x 55.8 x 28mm
Wave Length 253.7nm
Battery Replaceable, Rechargeable
Input Power Plug Micro USB / 5.0V
Material ABS + PC
Warranty 3 Months*

Popular Questions

Is the lamp covered by the warranty?

Only if the lamp is defective or arrives broken when the product is opened. Once you open the box, if the lamp breaks due to fall, mishandling or impact, the warranty will not cover the damage and repair will be charged. Make sure you handle and store the product carefully.

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Toothbrush UV-C Sanitizer Case
Toothbrush UVC Sanitizer Case
Toothbrush UV Sanitizer Case
UV Toothbrush Sterilizer Case
UV-C Toothbrush Sterilizer Case
UVC Toothbrush Sterilizer Case
Toothbrush Sanitizer UVC Case
Toothbrush Sanitizer UV-C Case
Toothbrush Sanitizer UV Case

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