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Set with 10 reusable UV Dosimeter Test Cards to measure UV presence and intensity. These high-quality cards are made of UV-sensitive plastic material that changes color based on how how much UV is emitted by the source.

These dosimeter cards can be used to know if your UV Sanitizer is working properly, and they can also be used to detect if UVC product is reaching specific places or corners in you room.

Simply observe the white rectangular area on the card under sunlight or artificial UV light. The stronger the UV source, the darker the area will be. After using for about 10 seconds, the test area of the card will return to white and the card can be used again.

Important: Never look directly to any UV light source and never expose your skin or body to UV radiation. Make sure to use appropriate gloves and googles when using the cards.
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Key Features

  • Use up to 5000 times
  • Set with 10 cards
  • Credit Card Size
  • High Quality Plastic
  • Reusable
  • Easy to Use


Package Contents 10 Reusable Cards
Test Time 10 Seconds
Working temperature -20 to 85 degrees
Material UV-Sensitive Plastic
Card Dimension 8.5 x 5.4 x 0.76 mm
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